Pastor’s Picks – Recommended Resources

These are recommended resources that we have been personally encouraged and challenged by and hope they do the same for you. It’s been said before that great leaders are readers, and we are committed to regularly reading through our Bible and never stop learning. May the Lord bless you as you grow! -Pastor Tim Molter

Tough Questions

The churches in Fergus Falls, MN will be working together to answer tough questions and share them with our community and our world.

Learn more and visit:

We hope you’ll draw closer to God through these resources!

Video: Change – Needing More by Billy and Franklin Graham

We usually post a recommend book but this month we are posting a video. This special message is from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, called “Change – Needing More”.

We all want change for the better. But what if you can’t get the change you need most? Follow three lives on the verge of disaster that desperately needed something more.

Watch it for free at: