Pastor’s Picks – Recommended Resources

These are recommended resources that we have been personally encouraged and challenged by and hope they do the same for you. It’s been said before that great leaders are readers, and we are committed to regularly reading through our Bible and never stop learning. May the Lord bless you as you grow! -Pastor Tim Molter

Book: Mourning Journey (Choosing to Live When Happy Ever After Dies) by Lisa Schultz-Fred

Author Lisa Schultz-Fred reveals how her life was forever changed in the book “Mourning Journey” on one August afternoon in 2005. While out on a family bicycle ride, her beloved husband of twenty-one years, Pat, was killed when he accidentally collided with a truck.

Her book recounts that tragic day and the tremendous challenges she and her family faced going forward. But she found hope in the Lord, which is available for anyone, no matter the circumstances they find themselves in. If you are hurting or feel hopeless in any situation in life, this book will give you the help and tools to keep living life.

Her inspiring story will encourage readers that they too can heal after a traumatic loss. Lisa shares her weaknesses that we all have felt, and how she fought through the enemies lies. It provides all the scripture that we need to know that Jesus Christ is walking with us through the valley, and He is with us all the way. This book is Lisa’s story of her journey from utter despair to finding love again. It is a hopeful and encouraging story, one that can encourage anyone suffering from grief, loss, depression, and despair.

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Vaccine Exemption Form

In July, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that a federal vaccine mandate was “not the role of the federal government.”

Yet on 9/9/2021, Joe Biden announced a forced vaccine, which we believe should never be a condition for employment and we see this as nothing short of tyranny.

As the government continues to reach into the jurisdiction of the church and family we providing a letter of religious exemption and you can use this template created and tailor it to your specific use.

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