Book: Handbook for Servants by Gayle Erwin

Do you hunger for God to be active in your life? Do you wonder if the Holy Spirit can renew and empower you? Gayle Erwin places our hand in the hand of Jesus and takes us to the side of the Comforter.

Answers to nagging questions for those who serve: Handling Manipulators, Working with Authority, Forgiveness, Fear, Competition, Anger, Politics, “Feelings”, Foreign Ministry, Home Fellowships, Worship, Communion, Prayer, and more.

Gayle Erwin is fresh in his humor, Bible teaching share with us the Jesus style of serving in this Handbook for Servants.

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Book: The Jesus Style by Gayle Erwin

JS_Book-275x310For anyone who is searching for a Christ-like way of living, this book is a must read! Gayle Erwin gives a ‘gut-level’ honest view on how much of our walk with the Lord is governed by culture and church doctrine rather than by a relationship with Jesus.

I would find it hard to believe that someone could read this book and not have a ‘Fresh Look’ on their faith walk and not have a burning desire to get to know Jesus a little better and live as He did.

If you are looking for a discipleship book (other than the Bible), this would be it! Gayle’s humorous style delights audiences of all ages and many will find themselves reading this book more than just once.

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