Torahism (Are Christians Required to Keep the Law of Moses?) by R.L. Solberg

Are Christians required to keep the Law of Moses? How about the Ten Commandments? Was Jesus divine? Join R. L. Solberg in his book, Torahism, where he confronts a modern heresy and dives into these and other critical questions related to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

“It all began with a series of Facebook posts that an old friend posted just after Thanksgiving. He was aggressively taking Christians to task for celebrating the ‘pagan’ holiday of Christmas. This struck me as odd because I’d always known he and his wife to be strong Christians. And while I’ve debated with plenty of atheists over the alleged pagan roots of Christmas, I’d never heard this charge leveled by a fellow Christian. So I decided to chime in on his posts and soon discovered that I had stepped into a mystery of, well, biblical proportions…”

This is a great book on defending against the theology of Torahism, which teaches that all followers of Jesus, whether Jew or Gentile, are required to keep the Law of Moses. It was written to help you understand and address the teachings of movements such as Hebrew Roots, Torah-keepers, Pronomian Christianity, and Messianic Christians, which can be unbiblical, dangerous and divisive.

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