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We are a smaller church committed to loving everyone, always and extending the hope and grace of Jesus. We invite you to attend a gathering and get connected. Find the perfect place to engage your family, help your kids thrive, and grow in your faith. If you’re facing a difficult season, Calvary Chapel is also a safe place to get practical help. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here!

Sunday Service at 10:00 am

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Giving at Calvary Chapel

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Guest Speaker: Trevor Rubenstein – July 28th

Join us on July 28th, as we welcome Trevor Rubenstein from Chosen People Ministries. He’ll be sharing insights on “The Jewish People and The Church,” and also be providing an update on how we can continue to pray for Israel in light of wartime events.

Israel 2024 Trip

Join us for a trip of a lifetime to Israel, November, 2024. Details at: CCFergusFalls.com/israel-2024-trip/

Helpful Community Resources

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American Heritage Girls

MN2810 is our Troop with American Heritage Girls to introduce girls to new skills, outdoor experiences and grow closer to the Lord.

Trail Life USA

MN-1977 is our Troop with Trail Life USA to guide boys to honor God and have outdoor adventures.

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Upcoming Sunday Services

We suggest you read ahead and share insights from your time with the Lord as we fellowship.

Keep Reading

Sundays @ 10 am – Teaching Schedule:

o July 21, 2024 – Matthew 22:1-22
o July 28, 2024 – Guest Speaker on Israel
o August 04, 2024 – Matthew 22:23-46
o August 11, 2024 – Matthew 23
o August 18, 2024 – Matthew 24:1-31
o August 25, 2024 – Matthew 24:32-51
o September 01, 2024 – Matthew 25
o September 08, 2024 – Matthew 26:1-30
o September 15, 2024 – Matthew 26:31-56
o September 22, 2024 – Guest Speaker rforh.com
o September 29, 2024 – Matthew 26:57-75
o October 06, 2024 – Matthew 27:1-31
o October 13, 2024 – Matthew 27:32-65
o October 20, 2024 – Matthew 28
o October 27, 2024 – Judges 1
o November 03 (DST)- Judges 2
o November 10, 2024 – Judges 3
o November 17, 2024 – Judges 4-5
o November 24, 2024 – Judges 7
o December 01, 2024 – Judges 7
o December 08, 2024 – Judges 8
o December 15, 2024 – Judges 9
o December 22, 2024 – Christmas Service

Upcoming Events

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Plan Ahead

pastorspickssliderThese are recommended resources that we have been personally encouraged and challenged by and hope they do the same for you. It’s been said before that great leaders are readers, and we are committed to regularly reading through our Bible and never stop learning. May the Lord bless you as you grow! – Pastor Tim Molter