American Heritage Girls

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Program Levels Overview

Pathfinder girls (ages 5-6) can foster their natural curiosity and creativity while learning what it means to be an American Heritage Girl.

As Tenderhearts, young girls (ages 6-9) learn to boldly explore the world around them through our exciting Christian youth program.

Ready to take on more responsibility, Explorers (ages 9-12) are eager to grow in all areas of their AHG experience.

Pioneers (ages 12-14) are given the opportunity to find out who they truly are in Christ while gaining new leadership and life skills.

Patriots (ages 14-18) develop rich spiritual maturity and practice their faith through servant leadership in an environment rich with friendship.

American Heritage Girls (AHG) is the premier national character development organization for girls ages 5 to 18 that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement.

Founded in 1995, American Heritage Girls fulfills its mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country through a balanced and holistic program.

AHG focuses on providing progressive level programming that is rich in opportunities for girls of all ages and abilities. With each AHG Program Level, girls are introduced to new skills, outdoor experiences and leadership positions, as well as given opportunities to grow closer to the Lord.

The AHG Program consists of six Program Emphases; Faith, Leadership, Social/Emotional, Outdoors, Citizenship, and Life Skills. The Stars & Stripes Award is AHG’s highest achievement and teaches girls perseverance, self-respect, leadership, and project management skills.

AHG Program Overview:

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