Video: What is a Successful Church? by Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

We usually post a recommend book but this month we are posting a recommend video. Our definitions of success are not always the same as God’s. How does your church rate? What is a Successful Church?

Although given at the 2012 Calvary Chapel East Coast Pastors’ Conference, this message is ideal for the whole church. It’s a dose of reality as we realize that our definitions of success are not always the same as God’s and if taken to heart by a congregation, could help a church move forward in unity, seeking the right goals.

When we don’t know how to measure success, we can become discouraged when we should be encouraged, and vice-versa. We can become dissatisfied and angry, finding fault when there is none. We can also become complacent and comfortable when the church is spiritually lacking. This message is a must for everyone in ministry, and will help you understand the measurement of success in God’s eyes.

Are you interested in a life of service to God in ministry or on the mission field? Our definitions of success are not always the same as God’s. This is a special recorded message from late pastor Chuck Smith as he shares encouragement of success in ministry in God’s eyes. This message was given in 2012 at the East Coast Pastors Conference before Pastor Chuck went to be with the Lord in 2013 (after 50 years in ministry faithfully serving Jesus Christ). Be prepared to weather the storms of discouragement and despair!


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