Book 01 – Genesis


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Genesis 1:1-25“In the Beginning”VideoAudio07/14/2019
Genesis 1:26-2:3“Made in the Image of God”VideoAudio07/21/2019
Genesis 2:4-25“Adam & Eve”VideoAudio 07/28/2019
Genesis 3:1-7“The Fall of Mankind”VideoAudio08/04/2019
Genesis 3:8-24 “Human Nature – The Mess We’re In”VideoAudio08/11/2019
Genesis 4:1-15 “Raising Cain – And Abel”Video Audio08/18/2019
Genesis 4:16-24 “A Bad and Good Legacy”Video Audio08/25/2019
Genesis 5“The Promise Through A Family”VideoAudio 09/01/2019
Genesis 6“Noah and the Ark”Video Audio09/08/2019
Genesis 7“The Great Global Flood” VideoAudio09/15/2019
Genesis 8 “The Yearlong Flood and Deliverance”VideoAudio09/22/2019
Genesis 9 “A New World – Under The Rainbow”VideoAudio09/29/2019
Genesis 10 & 11“The Table of Nations & The Tower of Babel”VideoAudio10/06/2019
Genesis 12“Abram” (Abraham)VideoAudio10/13/2019
Genesis 13“Blessings and Riches”VideoAudio10/20/2019
Genesis 14“Stuck In The Middle”VideoAudio10/27/2019
Genesis 15“God’s Covenant with Abram”VideoAudio11/03/2019
Genesis 16“Hagar and The God Who Sees”VideoAudio11/10/2019
Genesis 17“God Almighty Reaffirms the Covenant”VideoAudio11/17/2019
Genesis 18 “The Miracles and Righteousness of God”VideoAudio11/24/2019
Genesis 19:1-26 “Compromise – Don’t Waste Your Life”VideoAudio12/01/2019
Genesis 19:27-20:18 “The Effects of Compromise”VideoAudio12/08/2019
Genesis 21 “The Eternal God Fulfills His Promise”VideoAudio12/15/2019
Genesis 22:1-14“The Lord Will Provide”VideoAudio12/22/2019
Genesis 22:15-23:20“Trusting the Lord in the Happy and Hard Times”VideoAudio01/12/2020
Genesis 24“A Bride From God”VideoAudio01/19/2020
Genesis 25“Don’t Trade Your Blessings”VideoAudio01/26/2020
Genesis 26“Famine In The Land”VideoAudio02/02/2020
Genesis 27“The Power of a Blessing”VideoAudio02/09/2020
Genesis 28“A Staircase to Heaven”VideoAudio 02/15/2020
Genesis 29:1-30“The Mess of the Deal”VideoAudio02/23/2020
Genesis 29:31-30:24“No One is unLoved by God”VideoAudio03/01/2020
Genesis 30:25-43“When Wealth is Your Goal”VideoAudio03/08/2020
Genesis 31“Healthy Boundaries with Family”VideoAudio03/15/2020
Genesis 32“Wrestling with Fear”VideoAudio03/22/2020
Genesis 33“Making Amends and Reconciliation”VideoAudio03/29/2020
Genesis 34“Violation and Vengeance”VideoAudio04/05/2020
Genesis 35“Returning to God”VideoAudio04/19/2020
Genesis 36“A Family Without Faith”VideoAudio04/26/2020
Genesis 37:1-11“Joseph’s Dreams”VideoAudio05/03/2020
Genesis 37:12-36“Joseph’s Disappointments”VideoAudio05/10/2020
Genesis 38“Judah and Tamar”VideoAudio05/17/2020
Genesis 39“Devoted and Successful”VideoAudio05/24/2020
Genesis 40“Dreams and God’s Sovereignty”VideoAudio05/31/2020
Genesis 41“From the Pit to the Palace”VideoAudio06/07/2020
Genesis 42“When God Brings You To Your Knees”VideoAudio06/14/2020
Genesis 43“When God Allows Testing and Tension”VideoAudio06/21/2020
Genesis 44“When Changed Hearts Surrender”VideoAudio06/28/2020
Genesis 45 & 46“When God Reunites a Family”VideoAudio07/05/2020
Genesis 47“Moving and Management”VideoAudio07/12/2020
Genesis 48“A Grandparents Blessing”VideoAudio07/19/2020
Genesis 49“Jacobs Last Words”VideoAudio07/26/2020
Genesis 50“Tears and Fears”VideoAudio08/02/2020
Genesis 1:1-25 – “In the Beginning” 1. God Exists & Creates (v.1-2) 2. The Days of Creation (v.3-25)
Genesis 1:26-2:3 – “Made in the Image of God” 1. Part 2 of day six – Fruitful Stewards (ch.1:26-31) 2. Day 7 – Mankind’s need for rest (ch.2:1-3)
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