Book 45 – Romans


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Romans 1:1-17
“The Righteousness of God”VideoAudio01/04/2015
Romans 1:18-32“God’s View on Sin”VideoAudio01/11/2015
Romans 2“The Righteous Judgment of God”VideoAudio01/18/2015
Romans 3“Why Everyone Needs Jesus”VideoAudio01/25/2015
Romans 4“Justified by Faith”VideoAudio02/01/2015
Romans 5“Peace With God”VideoAudio02/08/2015
Romans 6“Under New Management”VideoAudio02/15/2015
Romans 7“Legalism vs. Grace’’VideoAudio02/22/2015
Romans 8:1-17“Free From Condemnation’’VideoAudio03/01/2015
Romans 8:18-39“The Love Of God”VideoAudio03/08/2015
Romans 9“Israel’s Past & God’s Sovereignty”VideoAudio03/15/2015
Romans 10“Israel Today & Man’s Responsibility”VideoAudio03/22/2015
Romans 11“Israel’s Future & God’s Faithfulness”VideoAudio04/12/2015
Romans 12:1-8“God’s Will For Your Life”VideoAudio04/19/2015
Romans 12:9-21“What A Real Christian Looks Like”VideoAudio04/26/2015
Romans 13“Christians and the Government”VideoAudio05/03/2015
Romans 14“Diversity and Unity in the Church”VideoAudio05/10/2015
Romans 15“A Christ-Like Christian”VideoAudio05/17/2015
Romans 16“Friends, Foes & Farewell”VideoAudio05/24/2015
Pastor Tim Molter sharing God's Word to the saints at Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls. OUTLINE: INTRODUCTION (1:1–17) SIN — RIGHTEOUSNESS DEMANDED (1:18—3:20) SALVATION — RIGHTEOUSNESS DECLARED (3:21—5:21) SANCTIFICATION — RIGHTEOUSNESS…
Pastor Tim Molter sharing God's Word to the saints at Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls. Romans 1:18-32 “God’s View on Sin” 1. Intelligence Refused in v.18–20 2. Idolatry Celebrated in v.21–23…
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