Book 27 – Daniel


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Daniel 1:1-21“A Purposed Heart”VideoAudio08/16/2020
Daniel 2:1-23“The Remedy for Troubled Dreams”VideoAudio08/23/2020
Daniel 2:24-49“Man’s Statue and God’s Mountain”VideoAudio08/30/2020
Daniel 3:1-18“Standing in Obedience to God”VideoAudio09/06/2020
Daniel 3:19-30“Faith in the Midst of the Fire”VideoAudio09/13/2020
Daniel 4:1-27“God Warns a King”VideoAudio09/20/2020
Daniel 4:28-37“The Beauty of Repentance and the Beast of Pride”VideoAudio09/27/2020
Daniel 5:1-31“The Handwriting on the Wall”VideoAudio10/04/2020
Daniel 6:1-17“Liars, Laws, and Loyalty to God”VideoAudio10/11/2020
Daniel 6:18-28“Daniel in the Lions’ Den”VideoAudio10/18/2020
Daniel 7:1-28“Future Nations and the Ancient of Days”VideoAudio10/25/2020
Daniel 8:1-27“A Vision of Future World Leaders”VideoAudio11/01/2020
Daniel 9:1-19“Daniel’s Prayer for the People”VideoAudio11/08/2020
Daniel 9:20-27“God’s Prophetic 70 Weeks Plan”VideoAudio11/15/2020
Daniel 10:1-21“Strength for the Days Ahead”VideoAudio11/22/2020
Daniel 11:1-20“Future Kingdoms Prophesied” Part OneVideoAudio11/29/2020
Daniel 11:21-45“Future Kingdoms Prophesied” Part TwoVideoAudio12/06/2020
Daniel 12:1-13“Prophecy of the End Time”VideoAudio12/13/2020
Daniel 1 “A Purposed Heart” 1. God is and will always be in control (v.1-2) 2. God gave favor to Daniel and his friends (v.3-16) 3. God gave success to…
Daniel 2:1-23 “The Remedy for Troubled Dreams” 1. God Distresses a King (v.1) 2. God Disgraces the ‘Wise Men’ (v.2-13) 3. God Discloses the Secret (v.14-23)
Daniel 2:24-49 “Man's Statue and God's Mountain” 1. God Gets the Glory (v.24-30) 2. The Troubling Dream (v.31-35) 3. The Meaning of the Dream (v.36-45) 4. God Distinguishes His Servants…
Daniel 3:1-18 “Standing in Obedience to God” 1. The heart of the king (v.1-3) 2. The hearts of the people (v.4-7) 3. The hearts of the 3 Jewish men (v.8-12)…
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