Book 06 – Joshua


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Book of Joshua Outline:
Chapters 1-12: Entering and conquering the Promised Land.
Chapters 13-22: Instructions for distributing the Promised Land.
Chapters 23-24: Joshua’s farewell address to all of Israel.

Joshua 1“Called to Lead”VideoAudio06/18/2023
Joshua 2“The Faith of Rahab”VideoAudio06/25/2023
Joshua 3-4“Crossing the Jordan & Building a Memorial”VideoAudio07/09/2023
Joshua 5“The Army of the LORD”VideoAudio07/16/2023
Joshua 6“The Battle of Jericho”VideoAudio07/23/2023
Joshua 7“The Defeat at Ai”VideoAudio08/06/2023
Joshua 8“The Victory at Ai”VideoAudio08/13/2023
Joshua 9“Deception and Truth”Video Audio08/20/2023
Joshua 10“The Day the Sun Stood Still”VideoAudio08/27/2023
Joshua 11-12“Gaining Ground”VideoAudio09/03/2023
Joshua 13-19“Dividing the Land”VideoAudio09/10/2023
Joshua 20-21“The Places of Refuge”VideoAudio09/17/2023
Joshua 22“Miscommunication and Misunderstanding”VideoAudio09/24/2023
Joshua 23“Joshua’s Farewell Address”VideoAudio10/01/2023
Joshua 24“The Charge of Joshua”VideoAudio10/08/2023

Joshua 1 “Called to Lead" 1. The Lord’s charge to Joshua (v.1-9) 2. Joshua’s charge to Israel (v.10-18)
Joshua 2 “The Faith of Rahab” 1. Courageous faith (v.1-7) 2. Confident faith (v.8-14) 3. Covenant faith (v.15-24)
Joshua 3-4 “Crossing the Jordan & Building a Memorial” 1. The Word of faith (ch.3:1-13) 2. The walk of faith (ch.3:14-17) 3. The memorial of faith (ch.4:1-18) 4. The testimony…
Joshua 5 “The Army of the LORD” 1. The LORD God always wins (v.1) 2. The obedience before battle (v.2-9) 3. The Passover and provision (v.10-12) 4. The Commander in…
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