Book 04 – Numbers


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Book of Numbers Outline:
Chapters 1-25 Faltering, fumbling, and fussing through the wilderness
Chapters 26-36 Next generation prepares to enter the promised land

Numbers 1-2“Preparing for Future Battles”VideoAudio05/08/2022
Numbers 3-4“Preparing for Service”VideoAudio05/15/2022
Numbers 5“Stay Clean and Close to God”VideoAudio05/22/2022
Numbers 6“The Nazirite and Priestly Blessing”VideoAudio05/29/2022
Numbers 7-8“Generosity and Dedication”VideoAudio06/05/2022
Numbers 9-10“Following God’s Guidance”VideoAudio06/12/2022
Numbers 11“So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt?”VideoAudio06/19/2022
Numbers 12“Pride and Humility”Video Audio06/26/2022
Numbers 13“Doubting or Trusting God’s Word”VideoAudio07/17/2022
Numbers 14“Rebellion Against God”VideoAudio07/24/2022
Numbers 15“Hope for the Next Generation”VideoAudio07/31/2022
Numbers 16-17“The Battle Lines are Drawn”VideoAudio08/07/2022
Numbers 18-19“Set Apart and Purified”VideoAudio08/14/2022
Numbers 20“Failure to Speak to the Rock”VideoAudio08/21/2022
Numbers 21“The Bronze Serpent Lifted”VideoAudio08/28/2022
Numbers 22“God Speaks Through a Donkey”VideoAudio09/04/2022
Numbers 23-24“Failed Curses and Israel Blessed”VideoAudio09/11/2022
Numbers 25“Compromise Kills”VideoAudio09/18/2022
Numbers 26-27”The Next Generation”VideoAudio10/02/2022
Numbers 28-29“Celebrations with a Purpose”VideoAudio10/09/2022
Numbers 30“Promises Made and Kept”VideoAudio10/16/2022
Numbers 31“War With Midian”VideoAudio10/23/2022
Numbers 32“Settling For Less Than God’s Best”VideoAudio10/30/2022
Numbers 33-34“Israel’s Journey and Boundaries”VideoAudio11/06/2022
Numbers 35-36“Finding Refuge and an Inheritance”VideoAudio11/13/2022

Numbers 1-2 “Preparing for Future Battles” 1. Numbering the troops (Ch.1) 2. Organizing the tribes (Ch.2)
Numbers 5 “Stay Clean and Close to God” 1. Defilement cause separation (v.1-4) 2. Restoration needs repentance (v.5-10) 3. Pure and faithful in marriage (v.11-31)
Numbers 6 “The Nazirite and Priestly Blessing” 1. The vow of separation described (v.1-8) 2. Separation defiled or completed (v.9-21) 3. Leaders called to bless people (v.22-27)
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