Book 03 – Leviticus


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Book of Leviticus Outline:
Chapters 1–7 Personal offerings
Chapters 8–10 Priesthood dedication
Chapters 11–16 Prescriptions of purity
Chapters 17-27 Practical holiness

Leviticus 1“The Burnt Offering”VideoAudio11/07/2021
Leviticus 2-3“The Grain and Peace Offering”VideoAudio11/21/2021
Leviticus 4-5“The Sin and Trespass Offering”VideoAudio11/29/2021
Leviticus 6“The Required Offerings”VideoAudio12/05/2021
Leviticus 7“The Regulations for the Offerings”VideoAudio12/12/2021
Leviticus 8“Set Apart for Service”VideoAudio12/19/2021
Leviticus 9-10“A Ministry of Sacrifice”Video Audio01/02/2022
Leviticus 11-12“Laws on the Clean and Unclean”VideoAudio01/09/2022
Leviticus 13“Principles for Infectious Diseases”VideoAudio01/16/2022
Leviticus 14“Healed and Clean”VideoAudio01/23/2022
Leviticus 15“Wound, Skin, and Discharge Precautions”VideoAudio01/30/2022
Leviticus 16-17“The Day of Atonement”VideoAudio02/06/2022
Leviticus 18“Sexual Behavior”VideoAudio02/13/2022
Leviticus 19“Love God, Love People”VideoAudio02/20/2022
Leviticus 20“Penalties for Pagan Practices”VideoAudio02/28/2022
Leviticus 21“Required Conduct of the Priests”VideoAudio03/06/2022
Leviticus 22“The Holiness of the Offerings”VideoAudio03/13/2022
Leviticus 23“Feasts of the Lord”VideoAudio03/20/2022
Leviticus 24“Set Apart For Honor”VideoAudio03/27/2022
Leviticus 25“Celebration and Forgiveness”VideoAudio04/03/2022
Leviticus 26“God’s Promises to Israel”VideoAudio04/10/2022
Leviticus 27“Redeeming Vows and Dedication to God”VideoAudio04/24/2022

Leviticus 13 “Principles for Infectious Diseases” 1. The method of examination (v.1-8) 2. The diagnosis of leprosy (v.9-44) 3. The results of leprosy (v.45-46) 4. Keeping clothing clean (v.47-59)
Leviticus 14 “Healed and Clean” 1. The ceremony of being clean (v.1-9) 2. The sacrifices offered to God (v.10-32) 3. The house with signs of fungi (v.33-57)
(Warning: This Bible Study is for Adults Only) Leviticus 15 “Wound, Skin, and Discharge Precautions” 1. Men with odd discharges (v.1-15) 2. Normal discharges for both (v.16-24) 3. Women with…