Book 02 – Exodus


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Exodus 1“Growth and Persecution”VideoAudio01/03/2020
Exodus 2“Moses and God’s Patience”VideoAudio01/10/2020
Exodus 3“Standing on Holy Ground”VideoAudio 01/17/2020
Exodus 4“The Call of Moses”VideoAudio 01/24/2020
Exodus 5VideoAudio 01/31/2020
Exodus 6Video Audio02/07/2020
Exodus 7Video Audio02/14/2020
Exodus 8VideoAudio 02/21/2020
Exodus 9Video Audio02/28/2020
Exodus 10VideoAudio03/07/2020
Exodus 11:1-12:30VideoAudio03/14/2020
Exodus 12:31-51VideoAudio03/21/2020
Exodus 13VideoAudio03/28/2020
Exodus 14VideoAudio04/11/2020
Exodus 15VideoAudio04/18/2020
Exodus 16-17VideoAudio04/25/2020
Exodus 18-19VideoAudio05/02/2020
Exodus 20VideoAudio05/09/2020
Exodus 21VideoAudio05/16/2020
Exodus 22VideoAudio05/23/2020
Exodus 23VideoAudio05/30/2020
Exodus 24-25VideoAudio06/06/2020
Exodus 26-27VideoAudio06/13/2020
Exodus 28-29VideoAudio06/20/2020
Exodus 30-31VideoAudio06/27/2020
Exodus 32VideoAudio07/11/2020
Exodus 33VideoAudio07/18/2020
Exodus 34Video Audio 07/25/2020
Exodus 35-36Video Audio 08/01/2020
Exodus 37-38Video Audio 08/08/2020
Exodus 39-40Video Audio 08/15/2020
Exodus 1 “Growth and Persecution” 1. The Israelites become numerous in Egypt (v.1-7) 2. Pharaoh oppresses the children of Israel (v.8-14) 3. The Hebrew midwives obey God foremost (v.15-22)
Exodus 2 “Moses and God’s Patience” 1. Parents who choose life (v.1-3) 2. God’s will and protection (v.4-10) 3. Running ahead of God’s timing (v.11-15) 4. Raising a family over…
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