Book 66 – Revelation


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BOOK OUTLINE (from Revelation 1:19):

— A. John’s vision of the exalted Christ—Ch.1

— A. The messages to the seven churches—Ch.2-3
— A. The throne in heaven—Ch.4-5
— B. The tribulation on earth—Ch.6-19
——- 1. The first half—Ch.6-9
——- 2. The middle—Ch.10-14
——- 3. The last half—Ch.15-19
— C. The kingdom of Christ—Ch.20
— D. The new heavens and earth—Ch.21-22

Note takers: View and download all of the Bible Study Worksheets for the book of Revelation

ScriptureTitleNotes WatchListenDate
Revelation 1:1-3“The Revelation of Jesus Christ” Ch.1 Worksheet VideoAudio10/21/2018
Revelation 1:4-20“A Vision of Jesus to His Church” Ch.1 Worksheet VideoAudio10/28/2018
Revelation 2:1-7“Ephesus – Motions Without the Devotion” Ch.2 Worksheet Video Audio 11/04/2018
Revelation 2:8-11“Smyrna – Enduring Persecution till Heaven” Ch.2 Worksheet Video Audio 11/11/2018
Revelation 2:12-17“Pergamum – Compromised Doctrine” Ch.2 Worksheet Video Audio 11/18/2018
Revelation 2:18-29“Thyatira – Tolerance Toward Sin” Ch.2 Worksheet Video Audio 11/25/2018
Revelation 3:1-6“Sardis – Religious Reputation” Ch.3 Worksheet Video Audio 12/02/2018
Revelation 3:7-13“Philadelphia – Faith with a Little Strength” Ch.3 Worksheet Video Audio 12/09/2018
Revelation 3:14-22“Laodicea – Lukewarm Towards God” Ch.3 Worksheet Video Audio 12/16/2018
Revelation 4“Worship In Heaven” Ch.4 Worksheet Video Audio 12/30/2018
Revelation 5“The Hymn of Heaven” Ch.5 Worksheet Video Audio 01/06/2019
Revelation 6“Another Chance For Salvation” Ch.6 Worksheet Video Audio 01/20/2019
Revelation 7“A Great Multitude of Tribulation Saints” Ch.7 Worksheet Video Audio 01/27/2019
Revelation 8“Silence In Heaven” Ch.8 Worksheet Video Audio 02/03/2019
Revelation 9“Heaven and Hell” Ch.9 Worksheet Video Audio 02/10/2019
Revelation 10“The Word of God” Ch.10 Worksheet Video Audio 02/17/2019
Revelation 11“The Two Witnesses” Ch.11 Worksheet Video Audio 02/24/2019
Revelation 12“The Invisible War” Ch.12 Worksheet Video Audio 03/17/2019
Revelation 13“The New World Order” Ch.13 Worksheet Video Audio 03/24/2019
Revelation 14“The Choice” Ch.14 Worksheet Video Audio 03/31/2019
Rev. 15 & Rev. 16“The Righteous Judgments of God” Ch.15 & 16 Worksheet Video Audio 04/07/2019
Revelation 17“One World Religion”Ch.17 Worksheet Video Audio 04/14/2019
Revelation 18“One World Government” Ch.18 Worksheet Video Audio 04/28/2019
Revelation 19“The End Of The World” Ch.19 Worksheet Video Audio 05/05/2019
Revelation 20 “The Thousand Year Reign” Ch.20 Worksheet Video Audio 05/12/2019
Revelation 21:1-8“Heaven — God With Us” Ch.21 Worksheet Video Audio 05/19/2019
Revelation 21:9-27“Heaven — The New Jerusalem” Ch.21 Worksheet Video Audio 05/26/2019
Revelation 22:1-11“Heaven — The Tree of Life” Ch.22 Worksheet Video Audio 06/02/2019
Revelation 22:12-21 “Heaven — Jesus is Coming Soon” Ch.22 Worksheet Video Audio 06/09/2019
Revelation 11 “The Two Witnesses” 1. They proclaim the Gospel for 3½ years (v.1-6) 2. They are killed and then resurrected (v.7-14) 3. Then the 7th Trumpet is sounded (v.15-19)
Revelation 12 “The Invisible War” 1. Two mysterious signs appear in Heaven (v.1-6) 2. An angelic war breaks out in Heaven (v.7-12) 3. Safety for Israel in the wilderness (v.13-17)
Revelation 13 “The New World Order” 1. The Beast from the Sea – The False Christ (v.1-10) 2. The Beast from the Earth – The False Prophet (v.11-18)
Revelation 14 “The Choice” 1. The Lamb and the 144,000 in Heaven (v.1-5) 2. Three Angels and the End of the Harvest (v.6-20)