Book 56 – Titus


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Titus 1“Confrontation – To Have Godly Leaders”VideoAudio06/11/2017
Titus 2“Transformation – Through God’s Word & Grace”VideoAudio06/18/2017
Titus 3“Representation – Overflowing God’s Love”VideoAudio06/25/2017
Titus 1 "Confrontation - To Have Godly Leaders" 1. Preach God’s Word (v.1-4) 2. Ordain qualified leaders (v.5-9) 3. Silence false teachers (v.10-16)
Titus 2 “Transformation - Through God’s Word & Grace” 1. The Older Christians (v.1–4a) 2. The Younger Christians (v.4b–8) 3. The Christian Employees (v.9–10) 4. The Whole Church of God…
Titus 3 “Representation - Overflowing God’s Love” 1. As Citizens of Heaven on Earth (v.1-2) 2. As Christians with Good Works (v.3-8) 3. As a Church of Peacemakers (v.9-15)