Book 40 – Matthew


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Book of Matthew Outline:

Matthew 1“The Promised One”VideoAudio10/29/2023
Matthew 2The Foolish & The Wise Men”VideoAudio11/05/2023
Matthew 3“The Voice Crying in the Wilderness”VideoAudio11/12/2023
Matthew 4“Overcoming Temptation”VideoAudio11/19/2023
Matthew 5:1-20“Sermon on the Mount – Part 1”VideoAudio11/26/2023
Matthew 5:21-32“Sermon on the Mount – Part 2”VideoAudio12/03/2023
Matthew 5:33-48“Sermon on the Mount – Part 3”VideoAudio12/10/2023
Matthew 6:1-18“Sermon on the Mount – Part 4”Video Audio12/17/2023
Matthew 6:19-34“Sermon on the Mount – Part 5”VideoAudio12/31/2023
Matthew 7:1-14 “Sermon on the Mount – Part 6”VideoAudio01/07/2024
Matthew 7:15-29Sermon on the Mount – Part 7”VideoAudio01/14/2024
Matthew 8:1-17“The Healing Power of Jesus”VideoAudio01/21/2024
Matthew 8:18-34“The Saving Power of Jesus”VideoAudio01/28/2024
Matthew 9:1-17“Jesus Heals and Ministers”VideoAudio02/04/2024
Matthew 9:18-38“Jesus Heals The Brokenhearted”VideoAudio02/12/2024
Matthew 10:1-26“Jesus Calls the Ordinary to Follow”VideoAudio02/18/2024
Matthew 10:27-42“Being a Disciple of Jesus”VideoAudio02/25/2024
Matthew 11“Jesus Encourages John the Baptist”VideoAudio03/03/2024
Matthew 12:1-30“Gathering or Scattering”VideoAudio03/10/2024
Matthew 12:31-50“Repent and Believe”VideoAudio03/24/2024
Matthew 13:1-23 “The Parable of the Soils“VideoAudio04/07/2024
Matthew 13:24-43“The Kingdom Parables”VideoAudio04/14/2024
Matthew 13:44-58“The Kingdom of Heaven”VideoAudio04/24/2024
Matthew 14 “Overcoming Storms”VideoAudio04/28/2024
Matthew 15“Overcoming Hypocrisy”VideoAudio05/05/2024
Matthew 16“Declaration and Discipleship”VideoAudio05/12/2024
Matthew 17“The Glory of God Revealed”VideoAudio05/26/2024
Matthew 18:1-14“Little Ones and Lost Sheep”VideoAudio06/02/2024
Matthew 18:15-35“The Power of Forgiveness”VideoAudio06/09/2024
Matthew 19VideoAudio06/16/2024

Matthew 13:1-23 “The Parable of the Soils“ 1. Jesus teaches with parables (v.1-9) 2. The purpose of parables (v.10-17) 3. The parable explained by Jesus (v.18-23)
Matthew 13:24-43 “The Kingdom Parables” 1. Parable of the Wheat & Tares (v.24-30,v.36-43) 2. The parable of the Mustard Seed (v.31-32) 3. The parable of the Leaven / Yeast (v.33)…
Matthew 13:44-58 “The Kingdom of Heaven” 1. Parable of the Hidden Treasure (v.44) 2. Parable of the Pearl of Great Price (v.45-46) 3. Parable of the Dragnet and Fish (v.47-50)…
Matthew 14 “Overcoming Storms” 1. Death of John the baptist (v.1-12) 2. Feeding over five thousand (v.13-22) 3. Jesus walks on the stormy sea (v.22-32)