Book 05 – Deuteronomy


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Book of Deuteronomy Outline:
Chapters 1-5 – Remembering God’s Blessings
Chapters 6-11 – Responding to God’s Goodness
Chapters 12-26 – Reviewing God’s Word
Chapters 27-30 – Renewing God’s Covenant
Chapters 31-34 – Replacing God’s Servant

Deuteronomy 1”Learning From History”VideoAudio11/20/2022
Deuteronomy 2“Israel’s March to the Promised Land”VideoAudio11/27/2022
Deuteronomy 3“Israel Near the Promised Land”VideoAudio12/04/2022
Deuteronomy 4“Listen, Learn, and Live”VideoAudio12/11/2022
Deuteronomy 5“The Ten Commandments”VideoAudio12/18/2022
Deuteronomy 6“The Greatest Commandment”VideoAudio01/01/2023
Deuteronomy 7“Called to be Different”VideoAudio01/08/2023
Deuteronomy 8-9“Remember and Obey”Video Audio01/15/2023
Deuteronomy 10“Recovery after Rebellion”VideoAudio01/22/2023
Deuteronomy 11-12“Be Careful to Obey GOD”VideoAudio01/29/2023
Deuteronomy 13“Beware of False Teachers”VideoAudio02/052023
Deuteronomy 14-15:11“Be Different”VideoAudio02/12/2023
Deuteronomy 15:12-16“Serving and Celebrating”VideoAudio02/19/2023
Deuteronomy 17“A Heart for Worship”VideoAudio02/26/2023
Deuteronomy 18“The Prophet Like Moses”VideoAudio03/05/2023
Deuteronomy 19-20“Place of Refuge”VideoAudio03/12/2023
Deuteronomy 21“Death and Life”VideoAudio03/19/2023
Deuteronomy 22“Helpful and Holy”VideoAudio03/26/2023
Deuteronomy 23“The Law and Grace”VideoAudio04/02/2023
Deuteronomy 24-25“Law and Order”VideoAudio04/16/2023
Deuteronomy 26-27“Thankfulness and Faithfulness”VideoAudio04/23/2023
Deuteronomy 28“Blessings and Curses”VideoAudio04/30/2023
Deuteronomy 29-30“The Choice”VideoAudio05/07/2023
Deuteronomy 31“Be Strong in The Lord”VideoAudio05/14/2023
Deuteronomy 32“The Song of Moses”VideoAudio05/21/2023
Deuteronomy 33-34“A Final Blessing from Moses”VideoAudio05/28/2023

Deuteronomy 26-27 “Thankfulness and Faithfulness” 1. The offering of first fruits (Ch.26:1-11) 2. Tithes given unto the Lord (Ch.26:12-15) 3. A special people God called (Ch.26:16-19) 4. The law written…
Deuteronomy 28 “Blessings and Curses” 1. Blessings of obedience (v.1-6) 2. Blessings upon the land (v.7-14) 3. Curses of disobedience (v.15-19) 4. Disasters and suffering (v.20-35) 5. War and into…
Deuteronomy 29-30 “The Choice” 1. Remembering the miracles of God (ch.29:1-9) 2. Covenant renewed with Israel (ch.29:10-29) 3. Restoration after repentance (ch.30:1-10) 4. Choose life with the LORD (ch.30:11-20)
Deuteronomy 31 “Be Strong in The Lord” 1. Moses encourages Joshua to lead (v.1-8) 2. Moses encourages with the Word (v.9-13) 3. Moses encourages obedience (v.14-29) 4. Moses encourages with…