Book: Let It Rise (A Manual For Worship) by Holland Davis

Worship touches every area of human existence. It defines who we are like WHO we worship.

In “Let It Rise – A Manuel For Worship”, author Holland Davis invites readers to think about worship from God’s perspective and offers insight into having a wonderful church worship service that honors God.

It’s more than singing songs to God. Worship is for God. Worship is not for us. Worship is a way of life.

If you wondering where Worship Leaders fit into the ministry or wondering how to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth than you’ll want to read this comprehensive resource for worship leaders and worshippers alike.

Holland Davis reminds us that worship is an attitude of heart. Worship is a life given to serving God. Worship is a heart given to loving the ONE who gave everything for us… the Lord Jesus Christ.

This book is a must read for both Pastors and Worship Leaders.

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