Book: Doctrines (A Simplified Road Map Of Biblical Truth) by Raul Ries

Doctrines – A Simplified Road Map Of Biblical Truth by Raul Ries God has proved a road map for our Christian walk, in His Word—the Bible. In order to navigate the plan He has for each of our lives and avoid detours and dead end streets, we have to know what we believe and why. We take these detours and end up on dead end streets when we encounter people who appear to be Christians, but in reality are false teachers or members of religious cults. They lead us away from the hope and salvation of Christ, into empty promises.

If you want to be able to recognize and avoid these pitfalls, study and learn the basic doctrines of the Bible and you will not be deceived and led in the wrong direction. You will also be able to help others avoid these pitfalls found in false teachings. Doctrines of each are discussed: the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, church, angels, Satan, demons and the last days.

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