Uncanceled (Finding Meaning and Peace in a Culture of Accusations, Shame, and Condemnation) by Phil Robertson

This book gives you a blueprint for standing up for the truth of Jesus Christ in a culture that has forgotten how to have respectful conversation and often suppresses conservative opinions and biblical values.

After Phil Robertson quoted Scripture in an interview with a national magazine, his hit show on A&E, Duck Dynasty, was put on hiatus. It was then that Robertson knew he had been a target of Cancel Culture. Since then, he has spoken out against widespread public shaming, strategic campaigns to get folks fired, and other tactics that have wreaked havoc in our society. While our country is so deeply divided and so many people are bent on condemning others, Robertson calls for us to carry out the uniting message of Jesus Christ.

In Uncancelled, Robertson uncovers the motivations and faulty thinking behind our human desire to cancel other people, including our sinful desire to “play God.” He reminds readers that the goal is not to win the public relations war, or to convince the masses to love (or even like) us, but to win the war for our own integrity by refusing to bow down to the god of political correctness.

Instead, it’s time to trade cancelling and retaliation for the love and forgiveness that God continually offers. When we recognize who the real opposition is-the Evil One-and embrace that Jesus Christ already paid an enormous debt to cancel our sins, we will find a path to redemption, a way to forgiveness, and a means for godly connection.

How to get this resource:

See if the book is available from your local library – It’s free (Minnesota Viking Library System)

Uncancelled (ChristianBook) at: https://www.christianbook.com/uncancelled-finding-meaning-culture-accusations-condemnation/phil-robertson/9781400230198/pd/117335EB

Uncancelled (Amazon) at: https://www.amazon.com/Uncanceled-Finding-Meaning-Accusations-Condemnation/dp/1400230179

Uncancelled (Walmart) at: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Uncanceled-Finding-Meaning-and-Peace-in-a-Culture-of-Accusations-Shame-and-Condemnation-Pre-Owned-Hardcover-9781400230174-by-Phil-Robertson/1832959124