Book: Parenting God’s Way by Alistair Begg

What is the greatest problem facing our nation? The most troubling road on which our country is traveling begins an ends at our down front doors. It’s all in the family. In this wisdom-packed booklet author Alistair Begg walks through being a father God’s way and being a mother God’s way.

Drawing from the book of Ephesians, Alistair provides clear and practical accountabilities for both mothers and fathers that are God ordained. When God’s design for parenting is followed, everyone in the family thrives, and children grow to healthy-minded, God-honoring adults.

This business of parenting, you see, is not for the timid, and it will take everything you have and everything you are for it involves everything God ever meant you to be. It is life’s grand adventure and one day your children will look to your example for guidance in becoming parents themselves. May God fill and bless your days as you take up the joy of parenting – His way.

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