Your Kids Are Safe & Helpful Tips


Safety and Screening Process

Every Children’s Ministry volunteer goes through the following screening process and must meet these requirement to serve with Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls.

  1. Fill out a Volunteer Background Form which asks for general information, and talk to the Sr. Pastor or Children’s Ministry Director about your background information and beliefs.
  2. With serving we require at least six months of attendance to better get to know our volunteers and learn their character and their thoughts about them working with children.
  3. We use Protect My Ministry for the following background checks-
    • National Sex Offender Search
    • National Criminal Database Search
    • SSN Verification and Address History
    • Note: No applicant is permitted to serve with children if they have ever been arrested or convicted for child abuse.
  4. All volunteers are trained with the specifics policies and Children’s Ministry policies of Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls to ensure safety throughout all the classrooms. This includes, but is not limited to sign-in/sign-out procedures, emergency procedures, classroom evacuations, medical procedures, health standards, reporting child abuse, and more.
  5. Every new Children’s Ministry volunteer serves beside an approved leader for the first few weeks.

Children’s Ministry Helpful Tips

Welcome to CCFF Children’s Ministry! Here are some helpful tips to make our time together more enjoyable. Our desire is to provide a safe and healthy environment where your child can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Please NO children in the Children’s Ministry room with an approved adult!
  • Children are welcome to join the main congregation for the worship portion of the gathering. After this time and during the brief fellowship time, you may come to sign your child(ren) in.
  • Please be sure your child has used the restroom before signing them into children’s ministry.
  • Please be sure to sign your child in on the sign-in sheet, fill out a name tag for them and also a label for any personal items (diaper bag, etc.)
  • For the safety of your child we ask that the parent/guardian who signs a child in is the same parent/guardian who signs them out unless a prior arrangement has been made with the Children’s Ministry Director.
  • For the safety of your child, the child ID badge must be surrendered at the time of sign out. Sign out will not be allowed without the child ID badge.
  • Please alert Children’s Ministry workers to any food related allergies your child has as well as filling it out on the sign-in sheet.
  • In the event that we need to contact you prior to the end of the church gathering, a Children’s Ministry worker will notify you via text message on your cell phone. Please be sure your phone is on but set to silent so as not to disrupt the teaching.

Thank you and may you be blessed during your time here at Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls!