Israel 2024 Trip

Join Pastor Tim Molter and Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls, MN for a trip of a lifetime to Israel, March 7th-18th, 2024.

We’ll join Calvary Chapel Chico, CA (with Pastor Sam Allen, where Pastor Tim came from) and Shoreline Calvary International (with Pastor Tonye Holyde based in Redondo, CA and London, Tonye is Sam’s brother).

$3000 (plus flights) – $1000 deposit and completed registration form below due ASAP. Also, please work on getting your passport issued or renewed if needed


  • All Transfers
  • Bus, Driver, Guide (and appropriate tips)  
  • Site Entrances,  
  • Hotels, (and appropriate tips) 
  • Breakfasts
  • Dinners

Example of Sites:  

  • Have a baptism in the Jordan River 
  • Go through the Sermon on the Mount on the Mount where it took  place 
  • Spend an hour or more in Worship on the Sea of Galilee  – Go to the calling of the fishermen on the coast  
  • See the Calling of Matthew in Caesarea where It happened  – Descend the Mount of Olives where Jesus walked on His  Triumphal Entry  
  • Read through Jesus’ arrest in Gethsemane where it happened – Have Communion at the Garden (Empty) Tomb 
  • Hike the hills of En Gedi where King David fled 
  • Head the Valley of Elah where David slew Goliath  – Head to a first Century community to make bread, thresh wheat  and have a bedoin feast (Hafla) 
  • Float on the Dead Sea 
  • And So Much more!  

Tentative Itinerary:

  • Thurs, 7th — – Fly to Tel Aviv  
  • Fri 8th Morning at site of Calling of Disciples, Mt of Beatitudes, Capernaum (calling of Matthew)  
  • Sat, 9th – Tel Dan Hike, Caesarea Philippi, Kursi (site of the Man of the Tombs)  
  • Sun, 10th – Morning Prayer sea of Galilee, Worship on Sea of Galilee, Baptisms in Jordan River
  • Mon, 11th–Nazareth Village, Kfar Kdem, Mt Carmel (overlooking valley of Armageddon)  
  • Tue, 12th–Diet Shan, Qumran, Float in the Dead Sea…  
  • Wed 13th, – Life of David Hike over En Gedi, Head to Jerusalem  
  • Thurs, 14th – Davidson Centre, Southern Steps, Wailing Wall, Temple Mount, Rabbi’s tunnel,  Temple Institute  
  • Fri, 15th– Caesarea, Valley of Elah  
  • Sat, 16th – Jesus’ last night – Walk the steps from Jesus’ Arrest to Crucifixion
  • Sun, 17th –Hezekiah’s tunnel, Communion at Garden Tomb, Prayer at Mount of Olives,  Mon, 18th – Jaffa Port for Devo – Fly back to home as changed people  

Payment Due Dates:

  • Aug. 14th 2023 = $ 1000 Registration 
  • Oct. 1st 2023 = $1000  
  • Dec. 3rd 2023 = $1000  
  • Dec. 31st 2023 = Airfare Cost  (MSP to TLV – we will book as a group)

 ($500 non-refundable after 1st Oct, 2023) ($1000 non-refundable after 1st Dec 2023) 

Note: We cannot reserve a seat for you until the deposit is paid 

To simplify please make checks or payment to “Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls” or use our online method at:

Send the filled out information below as an email to: (cc: – Thanks!)


Name: _______________________________________________________ Preferred Roommate: _____________________________________________________ 

Email Address: _______________________________________________ 

Mobile: ______________________________________  

Passport # ___________________ Country: ___________ Issue date: _________ Exp date: ____________ 

_____ Deposit paid today 

______ Single Supplement Request ( $1250) all hotel room stays with only you in them  

Israel Trip 2024 Checklist:

  • Personal Information:
    • Registration
    • Passport Copy (if lost we can use the copy to get another at the Embassy)
    • List of Current Medications
  • Payments:
    • $1000 Deposit
    • $1000 2nd Payment
    • $1000 3rd Payment
    • Airfare cost
  • Things to Bring:
    • Bible, (AND, but not “or” Bible App)
    • Journal
    • Current Passport
    • Spending money for Lunches, incidentals
    • Shoulder, knee cover as needed – (Zip-off convertibles, Sweats, etc. – There will be a Catholic site that requires shoulders and knees to be covered)
    • Comfortable walking / hiking shoes
    • Swimsuit (Float in the Dead Sea, Baptism at the Jordan River)
    • Small Portable Phone Charger
    • Backpack
    • Shoes that can get Wet (if taking Hezekiah’s Tunnel)
    • Contact your bank that you will be using your cards out of country
  • .
  • To Note: Commonly asked
    • Bringing American Currency: there are places to exchange
    • Wi-Fi: on the Bus as needed
    • Traveling Insurance isn’t a bad idea in case of sickness or health issues
    • This is a 1st World country that caters to tourists: you can get the basics there
    • As a tourist country: Most locals speak enough English to get along
    • All hotel meals are buffet style: so you can cater to your diet as needed