January 21, 2018

John 11:17-45 “Hope for Hurting Hearts” (Miscarriage / Death of a young child)

Passage: John 11:17-45

John 11:17- 45 “Hope for Hurting Hearts”
- Five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
- H.O.P.E. = Holding On with Patient Expectation


Carter’s Eternal Hope which ministers to parents and families who have experienced the death of a young child - http://carterseternalhope.org/

Billy Graham’s Answers on Heaven: Our baby died shortly after birth. Is he in heaven? - https://billygraham.org/answer/were-brokenhearted-because-the-baby-wed-looked-forward-to-having-for-years-died-after-only-10-days-of-life-i-suppose-we-have-lots-of-questions-about-why-god-let-this-happen-but-my-main-question/

Walking Through Miscarriage With God - Seven Day Devotional for Couples - https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/1818-walking-through-miscarriage-with-god

What Parents Need Most from Their Pastors After a Miscarriage - https://www.christianitytoday.com/pastors/2018/october-web-exclusives/what-parents-need-most-after-miscarriage.html