A Venture in Faith

December 28, 2014

This is an outstanding documentary on the history and philosophy of Calvary Chapel. It demonstrates how through one man's (Chuck Smith) faith and obedience, God began a revival in a period known as the Jesus Movement. This video chronicles the trials that Chuck Smith faced by stepping out into a ministry and trusting that "Where God Guides, God Provides."

We encourage you to review our Statement of Faith & Philosophy of Ministry, read the Calvary Chapel Distinctives, and learn more about the history of the Calvary Chapel movement, watch "A Venture of Faith" documentary or "Calvary Distinctives" overview, and check out the movie "Jesus Revolution" which shares the start of Calvary Chapel.


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We hope you enjoyed this message from our Guest Speaker. Our every effort is directed to glorifying our Lord and leading all who would hear to the Mercy and Grace of God.

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