Book 59 – James


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James 1:1-11“How to Handle Trials”VideoAudio12/31/2017
James 1:12-18“How to Overcome Temptations”VideoAudio01/07/2018
James 1:19-27“How to Live Out God’s Word”VideoAudio01/14/2018
James 2:1-13“How to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”VideoAudio01/28/2018
James 2:14-26“How to Have Faith That Works”VideoAudio02/04/2018
James 3:1-12“How to Tame the Tongue”VideoAudio02/11/2018
James 3:13-18“How to Get and Grow in Wisdom”VideoAudio02/18/2018
James 4:1-12“How to End Wars and Advance”VideoAudio02/25/2018
James 4:13-5:6“How to Handle God’s Money”VideoAudio03/04/2018
James 5:7-20“How to be Patient and Pray”VideoAudio03/11/2018
James 2:14-26 “How To Have Faith That Works” 1. Our faith must be more than words (v.14–17) 2. Our faith must be more than knowledge (v.18–20) 3. Our faith must…
James 3:1-12 “How to Tame the Tongue” 1. Power to Direct (v.1–4) 2. Power to Destroy (v.5–8) 3. Power to Delight (v.9–12)