Book: The Reproducers (New Life for Thousands) by Chuck Smith

thereproducersImagine 1,500 people arriving an hour early for church, or watching 500 people be baptized in a few short hours in the pacific ocean, and Bible studies more popular than anything else. These are just a few of the amazing things that transpired during the Jesus movement of the 1970’s and they are captured within the pages of ‘The Reproducers’.

Yes, the stories contained within this book are from forty years ago, but the truths that transformed these lives are as real and true today as they were in 1972 when this book was originally published. It is my prayer that you would be blessed, encouraged, and challenged as you read the testimony of what God did and what He desires to do today through people just like us.

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Joe Focht, Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia says:

“I believe The Reproducers captures the heartbeat of the Jesus Movement. As I read and re-read the book, I am overwhelmed with the beauty, power, and simplicity of Jesus, His Spirit and His Word. ‘Lord uncomplicate us, cause us to be flexible and grace us with a fresh and continued Jesus Movement.'”

Book: I Remember… The Birth of Calvary Chapel by Sharon Fischer

i-remember-hardbackThis book will take you back in time to the very beginning of Calvary Chapel. As original members of Calvary Chapel, later called Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Sharon and Hal Fischer have a unique perspective on the amazing growth and history of the Calvary Chapel movement. Hal was part of the original board that hired Pastor Chuck Smith in December of 1965 as associate pastor at the small non-denominational church, and by 1966, Pastor Chuck was leading Calvary Chapel as senior pastor.

Sharon says, “It all began more than fifty years ago, when just a few of us gathered for the first time in a humble trailer court recreation room on Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa, California. We stood on the threshold—the enormity of what was before us we could not have imagined in our wildest dreams. ‘The Lord was in this place, and we didn’t know it’–– this could have been said of the ten or twelve people who gathered that first Sunday on a spring morning in 1961.”

Without spoiling the story—at least for those who don’t know the history of Calvary Chapel, I’ll say this: it is a must read. This book is more than just a memoir; it is a book of dedication to the God who changes hearts by His unending grace. Getting a first-hand account of someone that was at the beginning of a movement is a delicious treat for anyone interested in the unfolding drama of God’s work through Calvary Chapel and the universal church.

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