Book: Your Home A Lighthouse (Hosting An Evangelistic Bible Study) by Bob and Betty Jacks

If you want to reach your non-Christian friends, but church overwhelms them, this book demonstrates how to lead an evangelistic Bible study to share Jesus with others in the comfort of your own home.

Author Bob Jacks is a businessman who began to reach out to nonChristians through home Bible studies and through that ministry, he and his wife, Betty saw many come to Christ and reach their loved ones for Jesus too.

There’s no better way to warm your home than with a neighborhood evangelistic bible study. “We had never seen ourselves as evangelists or missionaries and still don’t,” write Bob and Betty Jacks. “But the relationship we had in knowing Christ was too good not to share it with others.”

So they apprehensively opened their home for a weekly Bible study. Surprised by the results, Bob and Betty quickly shed their fears and proceeded to make a significant impact on their community. This book is the practical guidebook that grew out of the Jacks’ years of experience with evangelistic studies.

In this book, you’ll learn how to start an Evangelistic Bible Study in your own home (or office or campus). You’ll find out who to invite. What to study. How to ask good questions. How to answer them. And when to encourage a decision for Christ. Remember that you can reach people your pastor never could and in your own neighborhood. 

Ultimately, what you’ll discover by reading this book is that the secret isn’t in your personal skills or influence with people. It’s in a simple, heartfelt concern for your nonChristian friends-and the power of God’s word. Now that’s the kind of housewarming your home needs!

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Book: Tabernacle Of Promise by Will Glaspie

Do you know the purpose of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament, or that the earthly one was a copy of the Heavenly one? There are many wonderful promises that the Tabernacle gives us and  it points us to all that we have in Jesus Christ. For example, the bread of presence and the Bread of Life, the lampstand and the Light of the World, and the mercy seat and the Cross of Christ.

All the colors, materials, measurements and procedures are symbols of God’s promise of reconciliation and they provide us with a picture of how God is making good on His promise. In this book ‘Tabernacle of Promise’, Administrative Pastor Will Glaspie of Calvary Chapel Chico shares the meaning behind the Tabernacle and it’s symbols from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

If you have ever wanted to study or learn about the Tabernacle then this is the book for you as it will walk you through why it is in the Bible and how it points us to Jesus Christ and the many promises we have as Christians. And, don’t forget that by studying the Tabernacle, we get a glimpse of what Heaven will be like as the real Tabernacle in Heaven is going to be even more spectacular.

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